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The use of ‘bioidentical hormones’ has become somewhat of an epidemic. The internet is loaded with websites boasting the miraculous benefits of using bioidenticals for just about anything including weight loss, anti-aging, insomnia and of course hormone balancing. Men are now in the crosshairs of the ‘Low-T’ marketing campaign which conveniently describes their most common symptoms including fatigue and ED as being the sole indicator of their supposed low testosterone levels.

By creating the perception of a hormone deficiency being the root of the problem, they were able to provide a solution in the form of bioidentical hormones. But unfortunately, these “all natural” hormones carry with them some surprising risks that no one is talking about.

Bioidentical hormones are NOT found in nature. In fact, there is not one single plant that contains human hormones. Not one. Some of them however, do contain certain phytochemicals that when we ingest the plant, can provide the building blocks for your own body to make the hormones it needs. But the plants themselves do not contain hormones.

For chemists to create a bioidentical hormone, they extract these phytochemicals from the plants and chemically manipulate them through a multi-step process in order to produce a ‘bioidentical’ hormone. But is it really bioidentical? Are they exactly the same as the hormone that your body produces? Not one bit. Although they have significantly less risk than synthetic hormones, this does not make them safe.

Bioidentical hormones, specifically progesterone and some estrogens, are routinely added to body care products including skin/facial care, lotions, creams, etc. to create soft, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. And this is completely legal as it falls within the loopholes of the law. They are not required to disclose this on the label due to proprietary information. So, unbeknownst to the buyer, many well-known skincare products are delivering hormones directly into your body without your consent. And routine blood tests cannot detect them.

Switch out any suspected hormone containing products for ones that are safe. You don’t have to stay on bioidentical hormones to feel amazing. Your body is fully capable of providing the right amount of hormones as long as it has what it needs to do so. The bioidentical hormone craze is not all it’s cracked up to be and these compounds are not safe.