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Restore Your Health Naturally Health Talk

Restore Your Health Naturally Health Talk

Here at The Health Improvement Center, I believe knowledge is power. You do not have to be a prisoner to prescription drugs or succumb to health issues.

With our live health seminars, which cover a variety of topics all relating to how to achieve true health and give you the tools to improve your health in all areas.

Feeling well and having the energy to keep up with work, family and social activities has never been more important than it is in the fast-paced society we find ourselves in today. Your first step toward a whole new level of health is understanding what ‘healthy’ really means.

I host a variety of live seminars every month at the office as well as on Zoom to discuss this very topic of what ‘healthy’ really means. It is not simply the absence of symptoms which are covered up by a medication, but the removal of those symptoms by handling the source of the problem. Then and only then are you symptom-free and on the path to true health.

The Restore Your Health Naturally Health Talk is done monthly and I discuss a variety of topics that contribute to one’s overall health. In general there is a lot of false information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis from many sources, including the media and our current health care system. In this health talk I will cover why so many people don’t find solutions to their health issues through traditional medicine and how you can achieve real health without drugs or surgery!

Some topics that often get discussed during this seminar are: hormone balance, heart disease, chronic fatigue, sinus trouble, allergies, headaches, sleep issues, back pain, stomach issues, irritable bowels syndrome, thyroid issues, and so much more.

Nutrition Response Testing is demonstrated at this seminar.

Seating is limited.

Admission is free.