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Restoring Your Health

Restoring Your Health Naturally:


We are in a very interesting time, to say the least. Twenty years ago, there were scarcely any commercials for a pharmaceutical drug – maybe just the occasional Alka-Seltzer commercials. 

The level of insanity in the health field has been climbing. We are at a point where we really have to take responsibility for this or we are all in trouble – and our kids and grandkids are going to be in trouble. When I turn on the TV and see commercial after commercial for pharmaceutical drugs that have so many side effects they can’t even say them in speed-talk, it troubles me deeply.

Conventional medicine managed to find some answers that actually stopped the body from totally decaying. But then we had to find answers that would actually enable us to rebuild the body because there is no medication nor nutraceutical that can rebuild a body – the only thing that our bodies depend upon for actually rebuilding themselves (and they are constantly rebuilding themselves) – is nutrition! Real nutrition! The basic building blocks: protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids, good fats and the right type of carbohydrates. Basically, food as unprocessed and as raw as possible.


The body has an internal schedule that allows it to start the healing and rebuilding process. The body is light sensitive and if you just leave it alone it would charge up in the morning when the sun starts coming up and about three hours after the sun goes down it will gradually discharge, and you will have a natural sleep cycle. Something is supposed to happen when you go to sleep: the body is supposed to repair itself. It’s supposed to get rid of all the garbage that you accumulated during the day and during your activity and then actually repair itself.

When your body gets sick today, because of the lifestyles we lead, something interesting happens. With all the drugs, synthetic vitamins designed to fool the body into thinking that it’s actually getting a nutrient; toxic water and air and the constant barrage of electronic fields, the parasympathetic nervous system designed to repair the body while it rests literally goes haywire. It gets stuck. The body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing when it is resting.

When your body goes to sleep at night the system which is supposed to go to work and bring about the healing and rebuilding of the body, on a cellular level, cell by cell – the parasympathetic nervous system ends up never quite waking up.

We use a piece of equipment known as the Heart Rate Variability or HRV to test people in various stages of health and disease and found something very interesting. When we test people who are in very good physical shape, like Navy Seals and top performing, gold-medal Olympic athletes, we find that their parasympathetic nervous systems are operating in a stellar range.  That is why these people heal quickly. I can also tell you this: about 99% of the clients that come into my office, no matter what their condition is, whether they are resting or not, their parasympathetic nervous system is in the ‘not so good range.’ In other words, they’re not healing and they’re aging prematurely. These are the people who, no matter how much sleep they get, wake up in the morning and are still tired – because their bodies have been running all night! And you cannot heal if your parasympathetic nervous system is unable to operate. So, people age. Wow the mystery of aging!

The mission of a true natural health care practitioner is to provide natural solutions to health issues. We are the only viable alternative to the toxic, medico-pharmaceutical model which is the wrong model for chronic health conditions.

The solution we provide is actually a journey to restore the natural functions that will allow the body to heal itself. The first step of that journey is understanding the nature of the problem and its source. The tool we use to do this is Nutrition Response Testing.

It is based on decades of successful clinical experience helping sick people restore their health naturally – without drugs or surgery. In this system we use revolutionary tools along with traditional diagnostic procedures that allow us to obtain a highly dependable assessment of a client’s current health status. This assessment combined with an understanding of anatomy, physiology, neurology, kinesiology, and biochemistry allows us to actually correct the underlying causes of disease rather than simply suppress its symptoms.

Restoring Your Health Naturally:


There are five things that are the most common stressors – just five! Food Sensitivities, Immune Challenges, Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Scars.


The first stressor is food sensitivities. Often people will experience digestive discomfort which pulls them away from a specific food(s). Others may experience a slight change in overall vitality – poor concentration, interference in thought, lethargy. All changes beg the question, “Is it the food or compromised digestion?” There are several reasons why we have become sensitive to foods: we have eaten them in excess, compromised the digestive system and/or the foods have been modified. One can certainly affect the other. When an allergy to a food is bad enough to actually show up on a muscle test like this, it’s beyond the allergy stage; it is actually going to prevent an organ or gland from repairing. And the major food sensitivities that we are dealing with are associated with grains, dairy, corn and sugar. The body needs a little time to clear things and if it cannot clear them completely because of the constant intake, it starts developing antibodies against some of these things and that is how major allergies develop.


The body does not have an immune system as much as it is an immune system – a symphony of organ systems all working together: skeletal, respiratory, reproductive, digestive, endocrine and the central nervous system. Without each part, the body’s immune response would cease to exist. We need the thymus to produce lymphocytes, the spleen to cleanse the blood, hydrochloric acid in the stomach to destroy pathogenic microbes, bone marrow to manufacture white and red blood cells and so on. In order to have a healthy immune system and immune response, we need to support and feed all aspects of the body.

It’s common for a bug or infection to be lingering in the body if you have ever been sick. These pathogens can reside anywhere in the body setting up a viable home which allows them to proliferate and survive. There are two reasons for this. First, our bodies are under nourished and they do not have the tools (food) to function at their optimum level and therefore cannot fully fight and get rid of the immune challenge. Americans are overfed and under nourished. The nutrients, microbes and trace minerals are no longer in our soil and therefore are not getting into our bodies. Our bodies cannot function at their highest level as they do not have the tools necessary to do so. Second, and becoming more common, are the superbugs that are forming. Pathogens are becoming more and more resistant to common medications and antibiotics therefore making it harder to fully rid them from the body.


Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements. They are found in differing quantities in our soil. Some heavy metals are essential in trace amounts to our health such as zinc, copper and selenium. In excess, heavy metals can cause a variety of symptoms eventually leading to measurable disease.

We can accumulate heavy metals in excess but the main threats to human health are from lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. These metals specifically have been studied and their ill effects have been documented by a multitude of research studies. Yet, it is important to note that one can be affected by any heavy metal in excess. Heavy metal exposure is a constant in our lives. Mercury, lead and arsenic are most often mentioned as causing detrimental effects.

However, many do not realize how easy it is to be exposed to cadmium because it has a high concentration in cigarettes. As long as you or a loved one smokes, you will need to be supporting the purification pathways in your body. Our main mercury exposure is from food, amalgam fillings and vaccinations. Lead exposure can result from paint (now banned) old food containers, petrol emissions and even lead pencils. If our organs of detoxification are working properly (liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatics), we can excrete much of the exposure we encounter.

However, it is when we are constantly exposed that it becomes an issue. Our bodies become overburdened and the excess accumulates in our tissues creating dysfunction throughout the body.

We have several ways of getting rid of harmful metals. The body has the ability to handle such toxic substances in small quantities. And that starts with the parotid glands, your first line of defense against toxins. The parotid glands literally go into fatigue from all the work of trying to produce enzymes that will prevent chemical and metal toxins and various other toxic substances from rooting into the body. Once we detect the presence of toxic metals in the body, we design the right nutrition program to prevent the harmful metals from entering the body and at the same time expand the ability of organs such as the parotid glands to purge the existing poisons.


Chemicals, similar to heavy metals, are found in varying quantities in our environment. However, the difference is that our body does not require trace chemicals in order to function optimally. Chemical toxicity has skyrocketed with the change in agriculture, industry and technology.

The constant bombardment taxes our detoxification pathways in such a way that proper detoxification begins to slow down and toxicity builds up in the body. An average of 200 chemicals were found in the umbilical cord of babies! Of those chemicals the Environmental Working Group (EWG) detected; 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development.

Toxic chemicals are given a variety of names: carcinogens, developmental toxins, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors – they all cause damage in excess in the body. The list of chemicals we are exposed to seems never ending. Chlorine is also major chemical poison today. We are drinking it, soaking ourselves in it, swimming in it. Acetates, dry cleaning fluid, food dyes and colors, food preservatives, pesticides, and medications are all chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. It is amazing how many petroleum solvents and alcohols women are putting on and in their bodies every day with hair care and skin care products.

Have you ever drunk out of a plastic water bottle? Have you used non-stick cookware or non-stick cooking utensils? Microwaved food in the packaging provided? Eaten non-organic food? Consumed can food? Used perfume or cologne? We can assist in ensuring these excess toxins are not a stressor to your health by giving you the right nutritional program.


One of our biggest breakthroughs was something that came totally out of the blue. Modern medicine accepts now what was first discovered by research done in Germany by Dr. Dietrick Klinghardt, M.D. some time ago. Scars on the surface of your skin from past injuries, piercings, surgeries, tattoos, chicken pox, measles, or wisdom teeth extraction have consistently been found to cause disturbances in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

Eighty percent of the sympathetic nervous system runs through the skin and it is our largest organ. When there is a physical cut to the skin, the cells and tissue crisscross in order to create a stronger, more stable surface. This can cause direct nerve interference.

If the energy is not flowing properly through the nervous system, the cells cannot communicate properly. This interference can create increased cellular aging, dysfunction with one or more organs systems, or miscommunication between organs and glands.

Physical scars on the body closest to the main meridian tend to have more of a detrimental effect on the body. They need to be properly and thoroughly handled whenever they show up in Nutrition Response Testing in order to attain optimal results in health improvement.

The most dramatic of all examples have been the unaccountable number of women who have been suffering from various syndromes after giving birth including depression, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, digestive and/or hormonal problems. The problems can manifest immediately but may show up years (or decades) after giving birth.

These women have finally been able to find relief once the underlying scar was addressed, and once handled, the correct nutritional programs are finally able to work. If you know someone who has said she “hasn’t been the same since that second child” or “the migraines started after the hysterectomy” – there is probably a scar negatively affecting their body. Post-partum depression, inability to lose weight and hormone changes after giving birth are most often associated with an active scar.


Nutrition Response Testing has proven capable of pinpointing and solving difficult health problems. At The Health Improvement Center, we use our extensive experience with this very effective system to work for you. We will evaluate your health issues, identify problematic areas and design a completely individualized program to restore your health naturally.

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